Lakewood, Washington 

Fort Steilacoom Park
Ookow at Fort Steilacoom Park
Checker Lily at Fort Steilacoom Park
My Son Found a Four-Leaf Clover!
Civil War Re-Enactment
Black Cottonwood Tree (Populus Trichocarpa) or "Where is all that Fluffy Stuff is Coming from?"
Wood Ducks at Fort Steilacoom Park

DuPont, Washington

Sequalitchew Creek Trail and Beach

• Anise Swallowtail at the Beach
Sequalitchew Creek Trail in DuPont, WA (our trip, part 1)
Sequalitchew Beach, Dupont, WA (our trip con't, part 2)
Sequalitchew Beach and Something Special We Saw (our trip con't, part 3) 
Visiting the Old Shipwreck at Nisqually Reach (our trip con't, part 4)
Shipwreck Shadows on Sequalitchew Shore
Sequalitchew Beach, Dupont, WA (our trip con't, part 5)
The Tunnel at Sequalitchew Creek Trail

Olympia, Washington 

Burfoot Park
Burfoot Park, Olympia, WA
August 14th at Burfoot Beach 
Monarch Butterflies at Burfoot Beach

Eccentric Sand Dollar (Dendraster Excentricus)

Tolmie State Park
Crabs at Tolmie State Park
Seaweed at Tolmie State Park

Steilacoom, Washington 

Saltar's Point Beach (Gordon Point)
Saltar's Point Beach (Gordon Point)
Unusual Sky and a Visit to Saltar's Point Beach
One of the Beautiful Things About the Rain
Half an Hour at Saltar's Point Beach
Saltar's Point Beach on March 12th


Sunnyside Beach Park
Some Ocean Creatures Found at Sunnyside Beach Park
Sunnyside Beach Park in Steilacoom, WA
Sea Glass
Sunnyside Beach on the Last Day of Summer
• Sunflower Starfish at Sunnyside Beach
At Sunnyside Beach Again!

Tacoma, Washington 

Point Defiance
Rhododendron Garden at Point Defiance
Rhododendron Garden at Point Defiance 2
Beethoven the Beluga Whale
Sumatran Tiger Cubs
Reflections at the Zoo
Red Wolf Woods at Point Defiance Zoo 
Meerkats at the Point Defiance Zoo
Mali, the Female Sumatran Tiger Cub at PDZA, had Surgery on Monday
Joy and Sadness at the Point Defiance Zoo

Puyallup, Washington 

South Hill Community Park

In Memory of a Hero: Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail
Faces, Flowers, and Fruit
Faces, Flowers, and Fruit

University Place

Kobayashi Park
Winter at Kobayashi Park
Kobayashi Park in University Place
Cape Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis)

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