Five Years!

Over five years have gone by since I posted in this blog.  I'm so sad at all the memories I have missed writing about, because as time goes by details get fuzzy, and my kids have grown so much! They are now 21, 18, 16, and 13, all still living at home, for which I'm grateful! And I want to capture these moments and am going to start writing and posting pictures again.  

About ten years ago we began a tradition of going for a nature walk on the first day of each new season, and I take pictures of them while we are on the walk.  It's wonderful to celebrate and enjoy the beginning of the seasons with them, and it's been wonderful to watch my children grow and keep record of it through the seasonal pictures. Here's a picture of the first-day-of-fall walk we took this year.

I want to write at least once a week, even something small, and I invite you to follow along as I write about our adventures!


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