Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Walk Around Our Yard

Yesterday my younger daughter and I took a walk around our yard to see what we could see!  It was a very nice walk! Come along and see some of the things we saw. . .

 Broadleaf plantain growing on our driveway:

Pineapple weed, aka wild chamolmile, also growing in 
our driveway (the flowers smell so good!):

Bittersweet nightshade growing on the side of our 
driveway (warning: these are poisonous!!): 

Bittersweet nightshade berries -- they will turn a pretty
red as they ripen, but they are poisonous!!

Our blackberries (below) are just starting
to ripen! I can't wait!! Yum!

I think we'll have a lot of blackberries this year!

My daughter spotted this little 
bug on a blackberry leaf:

See the bumblebee on the tansy ragwort?

My daughter pointed out the cool spores
on the fern (I think it's a western sword fern):

My daughter peeled off the outer part of this nut from 
the beaked hazlenut tree and showed it to me:

We saw pretty pink honeysuckle in a tree:

And pretty everlasting pea (not edible!):

I had trouble getting a good picture of this
English plantain, but our cat Joe sure is cute!

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  1. Broadleaf plantain, is one kind of Chinese medicine, we boil the whole plant to drink the water in hot summer days...