Winter at Kobayashi Park, University Place, WA

A few days ago our family went for a walk in Kobayashi Park, University Place, WA.  It's down in the Chambers Creek Canyon where Leach Creek and Chambers Creek meet. The last time we visited there was back in Spring 2009. Back then we saw so much green!! The color was more brown the other day, but we found our surroundings to be quiet, peaceful, and beautiful nonetheless.  The sound of the rivers is lulling and refreshing.

After traveling the narrow lane down into Kobayashi Park, there is a small parking area to the left.  To the left of the parking area you'll see a bunch of bamboo.  If you walk through the pathway there, you'll get to Leach Creek. You can't go very far down the pathway by Leach Creek because it's not kept up.  Here are some pictures of Leach Creek.


If you go to the right of the parking area, you'll be able to see Chambers Creek and watch  Leach Creek flow into Chambers Creek.  There is a nice trail along Chambers Creek.  Here is the area where the two creeks meet. . .

Chambers Creek

Signs of Spring!

A Trail Going Up. . .


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