First-Day-of-Winter Nature Walk 2010

Our family goes for a nature walk on the first day of each new season. Below are pictures from this years' first-day-of-winter nature walk at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA.  It was very gray outside with no sun peaking through at all.  It started to sprinkle a couple times while we were on the walk, but the rain ended up staying away, thank goodness (because I hadn't brought an umbrella and can't take pictures in the rain without one, not because we mind getting wet ;)).

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My daughter pointed out the moss heart!
To see more hearts visit ~* Guest Heart Thursday *~

garry oak forest

My 6-year old found the mushrooms
in the picture above this one at the base
of this tree! They are so small that I was
surprised that he found them. :)

double-crested cormorants


Waughop Lake

Female mallard above and American coot below

horse chesnut trees

banana slug


  1. Looks like a great family walk! Hopefully we'll brave the rain and get outside for a hike this weekend.

  2. great post. Love that hearty moss and those cormorants.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a warm and joyful festive time.

  3. I love it when your family goes on nature walks - so many wonderful things are found! I especially love the mushrooms - and (of course!) that beautiful mossy heart!

    I hope you are having a happy and joyous Christmastime.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope your 2011 is equally as creative as this year has been!

    Hood Photo Blog


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