We had just started to get used to the idea that spring was on the way we heard that snow was coming! We got some snow this week, not a whole lot, but enough to look very pretty and enough for the kids to play in and have snow fights! We still have snow today. It's a nice, bright, and sunny day. It's beautiful!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. . .

Snow on the flowering tree!

On our walk my son loved making
big "snowballs" to throw at me!
Here he is "sneaking" up behind me...

And he threw it!

And got me!!


We were surprised to see the footprints with toes in the snow
(we think they are some type of shoe?). My younger daughter's
footprint is in the upper right-hand corner. It has a heart in it. ♥

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  1. Hi! I've missed you! I love the heart in the footprint. I hope that means your daughter has hearts on her shoes - that follow her wherever she goes!

    I hear our cold weather is leaving after tomorrow, and boy am I looking forward to that. This freeze wilted my little purple violets that were blooming on the path. Sigh.

  2. Ive missed too. I do remember your heart-seeking walk in nature.

    Lovely photos and a gorgeous heart.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Great photo :D
    Hope you guys warm up soon ! Enjoy the weekend

  4. What fun pictures!

    I sure hope that was some kind of shoe print! Can't imaging how cold that would be!

    Good too see you're still among the land of the living : )

  5. Somebody's feet got cold!!! LOL
    Great photos of the outdoors!!!

    Anyways, my wifes name is Annette (pastors wife)and she just opened her blog to public setting as she wants to be an encouragement and blessing to people. I was trying to be an encouragement to her by asking if you would be willing to swing by and say hi as she does not know many people in the blog world? Thank you for considering. Her blog is

    Thank You,
    Rodney(Annette's husband)

  6. Thank you each so much! I'm sorry I posted this and then disappeared again! I will probably start posting more since spring is coming up on Sunday. I get a little glum during the dreary months here, but hopefully I will be feeling up to blogging more soon. :-)

    Clytie--yes, her shoes have hearts on the bottom. ♥ :D I've missed you, too, and you, also, Dani! ♥

    It's so good to "see" you, Melody! :D ♥

    Rodney, your wife's blog is lovely! I'm going to "follow" it! :)


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