Faces, Flowers, and Fruit

Thank you so much for the get well wishes! I'm feeling a lot better and should be all well soon! My kiddos all got sick, too, and we haven't done much this past week. I am looking forward to us all being back to normal.

Today is the day for the letter "F" for ABC Wednesday, and I'm going to share with you about some of the faces, flowers, and fruit we found while walking on the trails at South Hill Community Park in South Hill, near Puyallup, WA, last month.  The park has two trails -- the South Hill Park Loop Trail and the Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail.  The trails connect and make a very nice place for families to walk through wetlands and forest.  It's a peaceful place, and the trails are paved, flat, and easy-to-walk.  At the park there is a play area, too, for children, and a restroom.

We walked the trails at South Hill Community Park.
(above picture taken by my older son)

The Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail is at South Hill Park.
(above picture taken by my older son)
That day the sun shone brightly in the sky and filtered through the trees creating a wonderfully green and shadowy walk.  We enjoyed seeing the various plants and enjoyed the coolness in the shade, and, surprisingly, we kept seeing faces in the leaves on the ground!  Have you ever had that happen??  Here is a picture of my younger son finding a face on the ground. . .

The leaf has a face!!
Here is a collage of the faces we found that day!

(You can click the collage to see a larger picture.)

Obviously the tree face above is man-made. ;) Do you think someone might have torn the leaves to look like faces?  I had thought it must have just been coincidence that we saw faces in the leaves, but then we kept seeing them.  It was so funny!! 

On our walk we also saw flowers and fruit. . . .

(You can click the collage to see a larger picture.)
Here is a list explaining what the pictures in the collage are, starting from the top left, going to the top right, and then continuing down from left to right:

1. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I think the flowers are some type of sweet pea.   There was a field of them, and it was beautiful! (picture taken by me)
2. The berries my older daughter is holding are salmonberries (picture taken by me)
3. My children walking along the trail. (picture taken by me)
4. I think that's a nootka rose! (picture taken by my older son)
5. Those are blooms and unripe berries on a blackberry bush. (picture taken by my older son)
6. The next picture is a red huckleberry bush growing on a tree stump. (picture taken by me)
7. This is a picture of a thimbleberry bush. (picture taken by me)
8. This pretty flower's ugly name is hardhack. It also can go by the name of western spiraea. (picture taken by my younger daughter)


  1. love the collage of faces, especially.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Thanks so much for this - a real effort after not being well - much appreciated.
    Denise ABC Team

  3. Lovely place to walk and enjoy nature:-)

  4. I'm always finding faces in things - and everyone else looks at them blankly!

    However those faces do look too perfect and I wonder if there had been a face fairy along the way.

  5. What a Fun post, so perfect for F!

    I don't recall ever Finding a Face in a leaf, but you really hit the motherlode! I love how different their expressions are, from happy to Fierce.

    I'm almost certain you are right about that one lovely flower being a sweet pea. I found a patch of them about a month ago and took some photos (just haven't had the opportunity to post them yet), and had no idea what they were till I found this site. Doesn't that look like your flower?

    Those Salmonberries are beautiful. Do they taste as good as they look? A book I've been reading, Pocket Neighborhoods by Ross Chapin, has a photo of an adorable cottage named Salmonberry. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your Fun day of Finding the many Faces of trees, leaves, Fruit and Flowers with us!


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