Burfoot Park and Beach in the Fall

I haven't posted in a really long time! I'm sorry for disappearing.  (The pictures below were taken by me unless otherwise noted.)

Gorgeous leaves on the ground at Burfoot Park!
(above pic taken by my 12-year-old son)

Back on November 6th our family visited Burfoot Park and Beach in Olympia.  We had never been there in the fall before.  The forest was lovely to walk through. The leaves, many of which were from bigleaf maple trees, some still in the trees, while many had fallen to the ground, were gorgeous pale green, yellows, oranges, and browns, and there were green ferns and moss growing along the pathway and on the trees and patches of bright green grass in some of the clear areas on the ground. Various types of mushrooms grew amongst the fallen leaves and other debris, and on logs or hillsides.

collage of mushrooms

Walking through the forest

After we walked through the forest we reached the beach. It was beautiful as well, though the tide was high.  We took a different path through the park than we had taken in the past, one that took longer to get to the beach, but we enjoyed the beauty of the forest, and we came out on the far right (or north) side of the beach, where a house used to sit, instead of the main entrance to the beach.  We are glad we decided to go that way, because the tide would have been too high to walk over there on the beach.

high tide as seen to the left of the beach
looking to the right

We saw a barge with logs on it.
(above pic taken by my 12-year-old son)

The sun shone through clouds, and there was a hazy look to the sky.

We saw small some jellyfish on the beach 
which looked like glass or chunks of ice.

It was peaceful on the beach, and we enjoyed looking on the beach and just being there.

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