Barns at Fort Steilacoom Park Part 4

We had snow today and went for a walk at Fort Steilacoom Park. The first pictures are from November 12th, and the snowy pictures are from today.

(taken at twilight on November 12, 2010)

(taken during the morning of November 22, 2010)

The barn on the left is the above barn, and on the right
is the double barn from last week.

(you can click on this to see a bigger picture)

~* Old Barns *~


  1. I like it without the snow, but with the snow, I LOVE it/them.

  2. I so want snow here. Amazing photos. Love them both with/without snow.

    Have a great snow time!

  3. The barns look so nice in the snow. Really nice!

  4. All that falling snow & the barns are so beautiful! Stay warm & be careful!!! =)

  5. The snow really makes the red on those barns stand out!


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