Effects of the Windstorm at Fort Steilacoom Park

Last night there was a windstorm in Western Washington. Our windchimes were chiming loudly and the lights were flickering, so I built a fire in the fireplace in our library in case the electricity were to go out. Shortly after I got it started the electricity did indeed go out. It went out at about 9 o'clock, and it was out all night and morning. It came on at about 12:30pm.

My children got their sleeping bags, and we all slept in the library. It was kind of fun! It's always a relief when the electricity comes back on, though, because while it's off you remember all the great things that electricity provides such as hot showers, clean dishes and clothes, warm food, cold food (in the refrigerator and freezer), and a light while going to the bathroom at night! Oh, and of course the computer.

In the morning we went for a walk at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA, to check out the damage there, and we found out that those who take care of such things had already been working hard clearing the pathways in the park. Here are pictures of some of the trees we saw that had fallen down or which had broken branches.

Black Locust tree with broken branch
Branch from the above Black Locust tree
Another view of the Black Locust tree
Years ago this tree fell down and many new trees began
growing from it. It surprised us to see that another tree
had fallen on it!
A type of poplar--I think Lombardy Poplar?
The trunk where it broke.
Another tree that fell nearby
It crashed into a bench when it fell.
Only half of this tree fell.


  1. Wow, that was quite a windstorm. I'm glad you were safe and warm with your fire. <3

  2. Thank you, Linda! The fire was nice and cozy. :D

  3. Dad-gum, that was one heck of a wind storm! Mary Beth over at Small City Scenes of Stanwood in Wa said they had a wind storm there too & they was w/o electric from 10pm to 9am! Sorry ya'll had to go thru that, but it sounds like ya'll were doing ok & had fun - that's what counts!!!

  4. Oh JayLeigh, I'm so sorry.... Those windstorms can be wicked... I hate to see trees come down like that.. We have about 50 big shade trees in our yard ---and wind storms always scare me... So far, we have never had any problems --but there have been a few scary times. Mother Nature shows no mercy...

    Glad you all are okay though....


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