At Sunnyside Beach Again!

I just love Sunnyside Beach in Steilacoom, WA. It's one of my favorite places to visit. We went at low tide on Wednesday. It wasn't a really low tide, but we were able to walk along the shoreline looking for sea glass, which we love to do. We also looked for sea creatures, but it wasn't a very good day for that, perhaps because the water wasn't quite low enough? The last time we went there, we saw a whole lot of starfish, and this time we almost didn't see any, but toward the end of our walk, my son spotted one, and near it I spotted another one, both in the water.

The first starfish we saw that day.
my old son took this picture
A close-up of the above starfish.
This is the other starfish--it's covered by seaweed!

The weather was rather crazy. When we first arrived there was some sunshine, but that didn't last. We had light showers, fog out over the water; we even had sleet! Then there was sunshine again.

These pictures were taken facing the same direction (towards McNeil Island). . .

my older son took this picture

We noticed that you could actually see the change from gray to blue... the blue was moving to the left and pushing away the gray!

click to see a bigger picture

click to see a bigger picture
To see more skies, visit Sky Watch Friday.


  1. What beautiful shots ... I especially love the starfish pictures - so colorful!

    I enlarged the 2 bottom landscapes, and they are fantastic!

  2. cool starfish! I wonder if the one is enjoying being covered by seaweed.
    The blue to gray change of sky is wonderful!


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