Sea Glass Heart

I was given the gift of a sea glass heart at Sunnyside Beach on Wednesday. . . 

As far as sea glass quality standards go, it's not high quality, meaning it's not worn down quite enough yet and is still too smooth. To me, though, it's high quality and special because it's from my children, it's blue, and it's a heart! ♥

You'd be amazed at all the beautiful hearts in our world! Look around and I bet you will see some, too! To see wonderful hearts that others have found, visit Guest Heart Thursday.


  1. Exquisite heart!
    What a precious gift.

  2. I like what Dani said - what an exquisite and precious gift from the sea! I love sea glass, and look for it whenever I am lucky enough to make it to the beach, which isn't often. I don't remember ever finding a heart, though!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart!


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