It's always exciting to see a hummingbird!  When they hover they sound quite a bit like a huge flying insect, and that's what caught my daughter's attention last Saturday.  She looked up and saw this sweet little hummingbird and was able to snap these pictures of it sitting in a lilac bush. I think it's a female anna's hummingbird. If anyone knows for sure what type it is, please share!

Since my children have been interested in nests lately, I decided to find out what the nests of anna's hummingbirds are like. Their nests are cup-shaped and tiny--about the size of a walnut or ping pong ball cut in half. Their eggs are only about the size of a small jellybean. When the mama hummingbirds make nests in which to lay their eggs and raise their chicks, they carefully create their nests using materials such as twigs, grass, feathers, and spider webs. They make them nice, soft, and cozy on the inside by lining them with downy plant fibers. Lichen placed on the outside of the nests helps camouflage them.

On May 11, 2010, my mother saw a hummingbird in real life for the first time!  It was visiting the hanging fuchsia plant I got her for Mother's Day, and she was able to capture this picture of it!  I think it's an anna's hummingbird.


Information about Hummingbirds at

Gorgeous photo's taken by Victoria,BC. Birds' of a female hummingbird at Anna's Nest pictures on Flickr

Hummingbird Nests/Eggs/Baby Hummingbird Pictures/Photos

Anna's Hummingbird Facts

Here's a short video by which in which you can briefly see a hummingbird build her nest and care for her young:

You can watch Nature's epidsode about hummingbirds called Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air online.


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