Our Garden

Many years we have wished we could have a nice garden, and yet nothing much ever grows. And I ask myself -- can that patch of dirt turn into a garden?

As you can imagine, we hope this year will be different than all the rest. This year we are going to try really hard! And this year we WILL be successful (does positive thinking really work? ;))!

This year we did something new, so I'm feeling hopeful! For awhile I've been saving our empty tofu, Earth Balance, and soy yogurt containers, and we planted some seeds in them almost a week ago. It's very exciting because some of them are starting to sprout! Here is a close-up of a pumpkin seed that has started to grow:

We plan to plant our little seedlings in approximately 11 days, the day after Mothers' Day. Years ago a lady (I don't even remember who) told me that she waits until after Mothers' Day to plant her garden outdoors because then the danger of freezing is past. I'm unsure if she is right or why I should even trust that she knew what she was talking about, but nevertheless that's the date -- May 11th this year -- we hope to have the soil in the garden ready and to start planting if the seedlings are ready.

We are going to share our journey here with you. I pray our journey is successful this year, somehow, by God's grace. :) If not, though, I'm sure it will be a learning experience, and we will do better next year. Okay, that's enough doubt. . . . I'm going to march on and hope for the best. ;)

Here are (very exciting) pictures of our containers with seeds planted in them.







  1. Love the idea of saving plastic containers for use as plant starters... Gonna start doing this myself... :)


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