Slug is a common non-scientific word, which is often applied to any gastropod mollusk whatsoever that has a very reduced shell, a small internal shell, or no shell at all.

Do you like slugs? Or do you think they are gross? If you think they are gross, you may want to avert your eyes now, but if you like them or are curious, I've got some pictures to share with you!

First of all, though, here is an image which shows the parts of a slug. I got this picture off of Wikipedia.

Near where we live there is a certain cool and shady area where slugs just love to be. They seem to come out after it rains or when it's cooled down after a sunny day.

The day we first realized that spot was a hang out for slugs, my kids pointed out all the slugs to me because I didn't notice the slugs at first. There were so many of them that it really surprised me.

To start off, here is my favorite picture of a slug. It's a slug on bluebells.

Here is a slug on some grass:

Here are some more miscellaneous pictures of slugs! Behold the beauty of the slugs and enjoy! ;)


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