First-Day-of-Spring Nature Walk 2011

We try to go for a nature walk on the first day of every new season. The first day of spring was on March 20, 2011. Here are some pictures from our walk at Fort Steilacoom Park.

Walking through a field at Fort Steilacoom Park!
Running towards the Garry Oak Grove

Common Daisy, aka, Lawn Daisy or English Daisy

Osoberry or Indian Plum
I'm not sure--could this be chickweed?
American Pussy Willow

Pretty little mushroom
A log my kids like to play on because
it rocks back and forth.

The mallard ducks swimming in circles.

Waughop Lake--the water is high!


  1. A First Day of the New Season walk--what a great family tradition! Love it!

    --Patricia Lichen,


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