Saltar's Point Beach on March 12th

We haven't visited beaches much lately due to the weather, plus we especially enjoy going when the tide is out, the lower the better, and whenever I checked the tides, they weren't very low at the right times for us to be able to enjoy the them. Last Saturday, though, I decided to take a peak at and was happy to see that the tide was going to be pretty low—a 0.7—at Saltar's Point Beach in Steilacoom, WA in the late afternoon.

Our family got in our van and traveled there, and it was wonderful being on the beach again. I hadn't realized I missed visiting a beach so much!! Even though it was cloudy, it was beautiful and so fun walking on the beach, and we left in time to miss the rain! We had actually never been at that particular beach at such a low tide before, so that made it extra special.  Another thing that made it extra special was all the starfish we saw there.  By the way, to find starfish, check on the sides of large rocks.  Here are some pictures my 12-year-old son and I took that day.

(taken by my 12-year-old son)

Yayh, the tide is out! Walking along the
shore where we hadn't been before.

The first starfish we saw that day.

Another view of the starfish.

(taken by my 12-year-old son)
Closeup photo of the above starfish

(taken by my 12-year-old son)
There are 3 orange starfish in this picture!

Another purple starfish--the color was very
intense on this one!

Another view of the same starfish, plus
barnacles and a limpet

Large and small barnacles and small mussels

Limpets and barnacles! Limpets look
like little hats. :-)

(taken by my 12-year-old son)
Narrows Bridge is in the background.
The ferry is from McNeil Island.

The view while walking back.

My family walking back. ♥

(taken by my 12-year-old son)

(taken by my 12-year-old son)


  1. Great pics! Your son is getting to be quite a photographer!


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