The "Ant Spot"

My older daughter and I went for a walk last Thursday at a park, and I took a step on what I thought was a bare spot of ground in a field of grass. My foot sunk down like I had stepped on air, and, startled, I let out a little scream, and my daughter and I started giggling.

We went back to examine the spot to see what I had actually stepped on, and, because there were ants running all around in the caved-in area, we realized that it was what we (being funny) termed an "ant spot."

Today, Monday, my younger daughter and I went on a walk at the same park. We stopped by to check out the ant spot to see how well the ants had repaired the damage I had accidentally done to their home the other day. As you can see, they did a great job!

Picture taken on Thursday, after I stepped on it (you can see my footprint):

Picture taken on Monday -- it looks like the ants did a good job repairing it!


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