Chickadees Found Our Bird Feeder!

(picture taken by my ten year old son)

My older son (he's ten), knowing I wanted a bird feeder, thoughtfully bought me a bird feeder and birdseed for my birthday earlier this year. After carefully considering the best place to put it, we hung the bird feeder on a tree behind our house. We tried to choose a place where the cats couldn't climb up or jump and hurt the birds, and I think we have it in a really good spot.

I was anxious that the birds might not be able to find it, but my son, who is becoming interested in bird-watching and learning about birds, had read in a book that it would take a week or so for birds to find it, and some chickadees found it. It's so exciting that we have chickadees who come and eat from it!

My older son, while enjoying sitting outside and watching for birds, caught a chickadee on video. He also took the picture at the top of this post. Isn't the chickadee cute?


  1. it's always exciting when the birds find the bird feeder, great that you got a picture, we don't have chickadees here in Georgia, they are cute.


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