Our Sand Clay Creations

Earlier this week I read about homemade sand clay in the beautiful blog Childhood Magic: A Homeschooling Photo Journal. You make clay from sand at the beach, water, and cornstarch (the full recipe is on Family Fun's website in their article How to ... Create a Sand Castle That Lasts). It looked so fun, and I decided that the next time we went to the beach we would get some sand so we could try making sand clay creations. We picked some up at Burfoot Beach near Olympia, WA, when we visited there yesterday, and here are our creations!

My younger daughter made this beautiful candle holder:

Here is the pretty bowl my older daughter made:

My older son made this cute elephant candle holder:

Here is the very nice candle holder that my younger son made:

I even made one, too! 


  1. Those are so cool! You guys sure know how to have fun!

  2. oh wow! SO awesome!! I love all of them, the candle holders are amazing!!


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