Reflections at the Zoo

We went to Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA today to see the Sumatran Tiger mama and her two sweet cubs, Bima (the boy, whose name means "brave") and Mali (the girl, whose name means "flower").  While there I kept my eye out for reflections so I could participate in Weekend Reflections, and here are three.  Reflections are so fun! 

Jaya and her cubs, Bima and Mali


  1. What delightful reflections! And they are such fun, aren't they? We do live in a wonderful part of the world, don't we? I live in Seattle. Have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!


  2. You caught some very interesting reflections. The first one is great.

  3. Yes indeed, reflection are always fun. I am really getting into photos of reflections.

  4. Thank you all! I think I'm going to really enjoy watching for reflections. :-)

    Sylvia, yes, I love living in this area. It's so beautiful! You have a beautiful weekend, too!

  5. Great reflections ... and thanks for visiting!

  6. I love that first one - the unconcerned tiger and all the animated people.

  7. I hate zoos, but I do love the picture you took... First one is my favourite, this tiger ignoring the humans and the reflection of those humans ignoring the tiger... It look to me just as an ode to the absurdity of those places...

    Very nice sharing !

  8. Thank you all!

    Jennyfreckles -- that's a good observation! That really is an interesting contrast. :-)

    'Tsuki -- I see what you are saying about the first picture! That's a good observation, too. I have mixed feelings about zoos. I'm grateful for the times they are able to help animals in need. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered, so that makes it even more exciting to have new cubs born.

    Thanks again!


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