Four Hearts

I'm going to share a heart from each of my children today. The first picture was taken by my older son during a walk at Fort Steilacoom Park last Thursday. I and my mom were walking ahead, and my children were dawdling behind. I wondered what in the world was holding them up! Well, it was this heart they saw in the shrubs. . .

The picture below was taken that same night.  It's a picture my younger daughter took of a rock she found outside the park lying on the street.  Doesn't it have an amazing heart?  We don't know what happened, but something had strewn rocks all over the street.  On the ground near that rock, she found a few pieces of it that fit inside like a puzzle -- it appeared as if the rock had been crushed or somehow broken, and the heart was left exposed as a result.

My younger son found a rock that evening on which he spotted a sweet little heart. . .

My older daughter found this pretty rock heart on the north beach at Chambers Creek Properties last Saturday. . .

One thing I love best about the pictures of my children holding the rocks are seeing their precious hands cradling and encircling the hearts. ♥

~* To see more hearts visit Guest Heart Thursday! *~


  1. I love how your children find such wonderful hearts. You are an amazing teacher ... and a wonderful heart friend! Thank you!!!

  2. it's a family affair!! great finds!!!

  3. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!! We're being invaded by these hearts! Soon they'll rule the world! Aahhh!


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