We Saw the White Rabbit Again!

On our walk yesterday the gusty wind blew the long grass in waves, and the tree branches swayed wildly. As we passed by where two weeks prior we had seen the white rabbit, I looked around wistfully, hardly daring to hope that we would would catch sight of her.

But my older daughter spotted her (again. . . she is the one who spotted her last time, too)! "There she is!" And we saw the white rabbit sitting off to the side, without hardly moving for almost a full minute, peacefully stolid amongst the tall, windswept grass. Then she turned her head towards us, looking from side to side, lifting her nose in the air.

We left her and continued on our walk, happy to have been blessed by seeing her again and to know that she is doing well.

Here is a link to the first post about the white rabbit: http://pnwnature.blogspot.com/2009/05/white-rabbit.html


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