A Yellow-Spotted Millipede and a Bug's Eye View of the World

My kids enjoy it when they discover a yellow-spotted millipede (also known as almond-scented millipede or cyanide millipede), Harpaphe haydeniana, walking around on the ground. They are pretty interesting because, according to the Wikipedia page about them, as arthropods they have an exoskeleton (external skeleton), and they have "approximately twenty body segments, bearing a total of 30 (males) or 31 (females) pairs of legs." That's a lot of legs!

Yesterday evening my ten year old took some time to closely watch the meandering travel of a yellow-spotted millipede. As I looked at the pictures he took yesterday, I saw that he caught it on the camera. Take a look at this fellow that he took a picture of:

And you can watch the millipede on this video that my son took:

As I continued looking at the pictures my son had taken, I came to some pictures of the ground. After asking him about them, he explained that he wanted to capture how a bug sees the world. I thought that was a pretty neat idea! So here are some shots he took with a bug's eye view in mind:

Here's a link to a page about millipedes on Enchanted Learning:


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