A Cloud Heart and a Flamingo Heart

Each week we keep our eyes open to see if we can spot hearts in nature.  This week I have two very different hearts to share with you, but I think you will like them both.

First of all, one morning last week my older son captured this heart in the sky through the window of our car on the way to homeschool co-op.

 And while playing, my younger son noticed that two flamingos put together make a heart, and he asked me to take a picture.  He also made the heart with the marbles and set the flamingos inside.  He thought the flamingos would qualify for the blog because flamingos are part of nature, even if these are made of plastic. ;)


  1. I love looking for hearts in nature during each week! What a great idea!!
    Most unusual heart you have spotted?
    How long have you been doing the heart thing?

  2. Your kids are amazing! What beautiful hearts they have captured. And yes, I do believe in my heart that the flamingos, though plastic, definitely qualify as Nature!

    Thank you so much for sharing your family hearts on Guest Heart Thursday!

  3. These marvelous hearts. I always admire clouds hearts. But flamingos are too cute.
    Your son has a heart soul.

    Again I have to say, I do admire your family and this great hunting hearts idea.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Sweet your sons help in the search for hearts!

    Great photo of the clouds! How perceptive of your son to see the flamingo heart!

  5. Oh these are truly wonderful hearts...the first mysterious...the second, just plain fun!

  6. Amazing, both of them! Your son has a great eye for lovely things :)

  7. I love this blog--and the hearts your dear son found, as well as the cloud heart are just wonderful!

    Happy GHT!


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