♥ Gift from a Bird

While we were searching for a pumpkin last Saturday, my younger daughter spotted this heart on a pumpkin left as a gift by a bird. I admit I feel a little funny sharing this heart, but goodness, it's a pretty nice heart, don't you think? ;)


  1. Okay, so I'm sitting here laughing my head off over your, er, birdie gift--and in the shape of a heart, too.

    (guffaw) Thanks for making my day!

    Happy Guest Heart Thursday! lol

  2. It's PERFECT! What a wonderful gift!

    I have found a few 'bird bop hearts' in the past, so NOTHING is sacred around here!

    Love it!!!! I'm so glad you shared it!

  3. Why can't a bird show a little heart!!!!! LOL

    I am laughing myself... your heart is GREAT!!!!

  4. We say it's luck. Great lucky heart!


  5. Fantastic! Remember, all hearts are beautiful! LOL

  6. Hahahahahah you know I've been gifted by these birds before and it's NO fun, I feel for that pumpkin. LOL


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