Skies at Fort Steilacoom Park

By the way, does anyone have any ideas as to what that circle/ring is in the sky in the last picture?   It was floating in the sky and slowly descending.  It left us feeling very puzzled since it was so out-of-place and unusual and we couldn't figure out what it was. 


    beautiful skies. the second one is my favorite.
    stopping by from sky watch friday.

  2. Gorgeous sky shots...I love the contrast of light and darkness. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful skies, the silhouettes and the colored reflection is gorgeous. You captured something weird in that last photo, it is hard to tell what it is though.

  4. Very pretty. Our skies have been so nice lately.
    A hot air balloon?
    A speck on the lens?

    I like the ducks in the water too. MB

  5. Really cool! Don't know what that is the last pic.

  6. a u.f.o.????

    you did catch a lovely sunset.

  7. Lovely photos. Cleverly taken too.

    All the best, Boonie

  8. I really like the color in the photos and the silhouettes of trees and marsh grasses. You live in a scenic area! I thought the ring in the sky was a spot on your lens. Welcome to Nature Blog Network!

  9. The sky is awesome! What a great place to live!


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