Contrasting Skies at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

I love comparing pictures that were taken at the same place. It's neat to see the changes that have occurred and to see how they look different during each season. These pictures were taken at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge at around the same spot. The first picture was taken on May 7, 2010, and the second one was taken on October 3, 2010.

To see more skies, visit Skywatch Friday.


  1. Hey there Girl !
    I love seeing sky pictures especially over open terrain like this .. it is beautiful to compare the different times of the year in the same place .. plus your second picture was on my birthday !
    COOL !!!
    Joy : )

  2. Hiya Jayleigh,
    Yes, I do that too when I remember to.
    Quite a diffrence. I reckon visiting in May is preferable:-)

  3. Superb views! I love the striking blue color of the sky!!

    Pixellicious Photos


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