Fireworks T-Shirts

I know this doesn't really have to do with nature, but my children wore these yesterday when they were outside, so maybe that counts? I just really want to share about this because I think it's so cool!

I was inspired by Butterfly Jungle's post on Fireworks T-Shirts, so for the Fourth of July my children decorated white cotton t-shirts using Sharpie markers, medicine droppers, and rubbing alcohol.  For each child, I put a piece of cardboard inside their shirt and tacked the shirt to the cardboard so it would stay in place. 

They used markers to draw fireworks on their shirts.  They did one firework at a time, holding the pen in place on each dot so that some ink would soak into the fabric.  Then they took the dropper and put a drop of rubbing alcohol on each dot.  

When they were done with their shirts and their shirts were dry, I put paper towels on the ironing board (to protect the ironing board cover just in case the ink went through), and I put a layer of paper towels on the shirt. I then ironed each shirt for 5 minutes (very boring) to set the ink.  You can put the shirts in the clothes dryer instead, I think for 20 minutes, but we don't have a working dryer right now.

My kids had a lot of fun (I had a lot of fun watching!), and their shirts turns out beautifully!  . . . . so full of color and bright, cheerful patterns! 

my six year old working on his t-shirt

See his Fourth of July dragon at the bottom?

my 10 year old working on her shirt

so pretty!

After her shirt dried, she drew some stars on it.

My two youngest in their t-shirts.

my 12 year old working on his t-shirt

He loves to use lots of colors!

My 15 year old's t-shirt!


  1. Those are awesome!!! :) That's even more fun than tie-dye!

  2. Great idea! What fun. :)


  3. SO cool! I love the bright colours and they did some really neat designs. Thanks for sharing. :)


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