The "Ladybug Tree"

I love it that my children are aware of nature and spot things that others might not see or care about. I think those are such good qualities.  Lately they have been spotting a lot of ladybugs.  

A couple Sundays ago they noticed a bunch of ladybugs crawling around on the garbage can at church and on the parking lot ground nearby.  They were surprised to see the ladybugs there and worried about their welfare, cautioning each other to be careful where they stepped.  My younger daughter had her camera in her pocket, so she took some pictures. Here are a couple. . .

a ladybug larva on the garbage can

ladybugs on the ground
Then this past Sunday at Trader Joe's in University Place, WA, my six year old was very excited to spot ladybugs on the tree we had parked next to.  He eagerly walked all around the tree searching for ladybugs, and he kept pointing them out to me.  Then he dubbed it the "ladybug tree" and asked me to take a picture of the "ladybug tree."  Here are some pictures I took. . .

pointing out another ladybug

the ladybug tree
I'm betting I'll have more ladybug pictures to post soon. ;)


  1. How sweet. I love "The Ladybug Tree". Kids really do have a way of making you slow down and appreciate the little things.


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