Happy Squirrel

Even though we have a quite a few beaked hazelnut trees on our property, we don't get very many hazelnuts to eat because the squirrels get first dibs on them, and they eat them with gusto! The consolation, though, is (besides happy squirrels with full tummies) is that they are fun to watch!

Yesterday my younger two children came into the kitchen and excitedly told me of a squirrel eating nuts in one of our trees. My six-year-old son took this picture of him in the tree.

After the squirrel had his fill and left the tree to go do other things, my children excitedly showed me the remains of the squirrel's feast that had fallen beneath the tree onto our driveway, and I took some pictures. . .

He must have been quite a happy, full squirrel after that feast! :)


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