Daisies and Shadows under the Trees

Bellis perennis
We go for nature walks on the first day of each new season, and we went for a nature walk this past Tuesday, the first day of summer, in Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA. We began our walk in the late afternoon, when the amazingly bright sun shone low on the horizon (into our squinting eyes) and lovely shadows fell where the sun couldn't reach.

My children enjoy making daisy chains, so when they spotted a lot of little daises growing in the grassy area near Waughop Lake under the black cottonwood trees, they plopped down in the soft, green grass next to the daises and started working on daisy chains.

The little daises which grow amongst the blades of grass are Bellis perennis and go by the names of "English daisies," "common daisies," or "lawn daisies" (we like to call them "English daisies").  Though not a native plant (English daises come from Europe) and considered to be a weed, the little daisies look so happy and are so sweet and pretty, we can't help but enjoy their presence.

Making daisy chains in the shadows under the black cottonwood trees
(see all the cottonwood catkins?)

My six-year-old son showing us his daisy chain
(he just learned to make them!)
my younger daughter's daisy chain!

We went for another walk later in the week, on Thursday, just two days later, and felt shocked to see that the grass had been mowed and so the daisy blossoms had been mowed, too.  I'm very glad they waited to mow the lawn until after our walk on Tuesday!

the mowed lawn sans daisy blossoms. . .

To see more shadows visit Shadow Shot Sunday!


  1. This series of photographs is wonderful. The children are so sweet, the daisies pretty, and the tree with its shadow awesome. That is one great capture. Know you must have had a wonderful time. It shows in your pictures.

  2. Absolutely beautiful...what a pleasure to view these tranquil shadows. Oh and the daisy chain...I haven't seen one of those in decades!! Special treat.

    It was nice to visit with you today....If you'd care to drop by and say hi, I'm leaving my Sunday's Link for you---HERE

    Have a glorious week ahead.

  3. A great time with the daisies and the beauty of daisies is that they flower again after mowing so you can go back again and do some more.

  4. Daisy chains.....a great memory!
    Your photos are so pretty.


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