Shapes in Clouds by the Beach

On Wednesday while at the beach, my six-year-old son said the sky that day had the type of clouds good for watching for shapes, and he was right! It's so fun to see my children use their imagination, and I was pleasantly surprised when as he looked up at the clouds he exclaimed, "There's the Statue of Liberty on a heart!" Here's a picture of what he saw. . .

(picture taken by my 10-year-old daughter)

Until earlier this year I hadn't really considered how blessed we are in the Pacific Northwest to have clouds like that. I mean, well, of course I know that we have a lot of rain thus we have a lot of clouds, but it really made me think when a friend who moved to the Pacific Northwest as an adult shared about she enjoys watching clouds here and seeing the shapes they make and explained that where she lived as a child they would get very excited when a cloud showed up in the sky because it occurred so rarely.  So keep that in mind the next time the clouds start to get you down.  ;)

Here are some more pictures of that day, each taken by my 10-year-old daughter, who loves to take pictures of the sky!

there is a heart in the sky!

Chambers Bay Beach (looking to the south from the bridge)

beautiful reflections!

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  1. Amazing clouds and amazing reflections!

  2. I remember when I was a kid and we would stare at the sky looking for shapes and images in the clouds. Great photos!

  3. Your daughter is very good at photography and her photos are a wonderful reminder of how the simple things in life are sometime the most overlooked.

  4. Your daughter's photo of the statue of liberty on a heart gave me goosebumps!!! Please tell her I think she is AWESOME - and I love how she sees the world!

    The reflection shots are fabulous as well!

  5. Thank you all!

    Clytie ~ I'll be sure to let her know! :D


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