So Thankful for my Husband

I would like to publicly say how thankful I am for my husband. He's always willing to travel to a new beach or trail (as long as we have enough money for gas ;)), and he comes on our nature walks whenever he can. He is patient when we stop to look at things along the way and to take pictures. He's such a gentleman, and he carries the bag when we bring a picnic lunch. Though he sometimes takes a peek at his phone while enjoying being outdoors with his family ;), he likes looking at the plants and animals and views on our walks. He's even willing to walk when it's drizzling outside! Thank you, dear husband! You are such a caring and thoughtful husband and father! Happy Fathers Day!! We love you!!!!!

enjoying the beautiful view at the former 
site of Wilkes Observatory in Dupont, WA

pointing towards Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
from the trail to Wilkes Observatory
(above picture taken by my 10-year-old daughter)

at Sequalitchew Beach in Dupont, WA

at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
(above picture taken by my 10-year-old daughter)

at the Rhododendron Garden at Point Defiance with his phone in hand

on a trail at Tacoma Nature Center


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