Sequalitchew Beach, Dupont, WA (our trip con't, part 5)

After seeing the sea lion mama and her pup and exploring the shipwreck and drinking in the view out on the sand jetty, we started our trek back.  The tide had begun to return, but we had plenty of time and we met others traveling in the direction from which we had just come.   
(click to see larger pic)
We made our way back along the beach somewhat slowly due to being tired and also because of stopping along the way.  For one thing, I looked to see if I could find a moon snail (I've never seen a live one in person!), and as my youngest two children were trying to help me, my younger daughter got one of her flip-flops suck in the soft, wet, muddy sand.  Her flip-flop shoe came apart, and thank goodness she was able to put it back together.  We never found a live moon snail, though, only shells (they have such neat shells).  Then we stopped to see a butterfly sitting on the beach!  But we finally made it back to where we had first entered the beach.

my older daughter walking up to the entrance to the beach

Below are pictures I took of the beach before we left.  
I love the vivid, shining blues of the sky and water and how they contrast so 
starkly with the duller grays of the rocks on the beach.

(click to see larger pic)

the beach to the left of the entrance;
we had just come from that direction
(see the ship way out there?)

the view straight ahead of the entrance
(that's Anderson Island in the distance)

the view of the beach to the right of the entrance

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  1. What a lovely area and beach. Wish I was there strolling along with you and family.

  2. Yay! God bless the northwest... Although, I could go for some more sunshine... Looks like you had enough sunshine for this trip though! Beautiful.


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