Bird's Nests

My younger daughter determined to try and build a nest, so after looking at a bird's nest her older brother found last year that had fallen out of a tree, she collected twigs and moss and made mud.   She put them together and created a nest!

Bird's nests are incredible!  Think about the birds having to carry everything in their beaks and having to put it together using their beaks.  My daughter said she'd like to make one just like a bird does, but she doesn't want to use her mouth to put it together. ;)

Here is the nest that her older brother found last year:

Here are the two nests side by side:

This week we watched Nature's show on the American Eagle online.  We really enjoyed learning about the American bald eagle.  They are such majestic birds, and their nests are amazing.  My younger son decided to try and build a nest modeled after an eagle's nest.  He had fun (it was completely his own idea!) collecting sticks on two different days and making a nice pile of approximately 1,000 sticks!   He was very proud of his piles of 1,000 sticks!  

I think this is the pile when it was around 750 sticks:

I helped him build his nest, and his sister helped some, too (especially with the mud. . . she's great at making mud!!).  Here he is working on his nest:

And here it is finished!


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