Inch Worm on a Blackberry Leaf

On Monday, Aug 23rd, my mom came over and picked blackberries with us. While picking blackberries, my younger daughter found a little inch worm. Inch worms are caterpillars or larvae of geometer moths. The way they walk is so cute; they "inch" along. Here is a link to a picture which shows how they move: locomotion of the geometrid caterpillar.

They really seem to like blackberries (or maybe their leaves?) a lot, and we sometimes find a couple hiding amongst our picked berries. When we pick berries we try to be watchful of the little inch worms because we sure don't like the idea of accidentally eating one! 

Here's the bowl of berries my daughter was filling up:

While I took that picture she glanced down in the bowl and saw this little inch worm.  Sorry the picture is not more clear -- the inch worm is on her finger (her hands have blackberry juice on them from the berries she was picking!).

And here she is trying to get it to climb on a blackberry leaf so she could transfer it to a safe place back on the bush (the inch worm is down at the tip of the blackberry leaf):

And notice that the blackberry leaf she is holding in her blackberry juice-stained hands is in a heart shape. :) ♥ 
For more random hearts, visit Guest Heart Thursday.

And I wanted to post this picture for my little boy. Yesterday he handed me Clifford and said I should take a picture of him (for Guest Heart Thursday) because he's the color of a heart! I thought that was sweet. ♥


  1. What beautiful and luscious blackberries! I picked some the other day, and also found an inchworm on one of the leaves! When I put my camera up to it it went sproing - straight out in a line. I think it was pretending to be part of the plant! I've never heard of an inchworm doing that before. It stayed there, all stuck out straight, for a good 5 minutes while I picked the berries around it.

    I love the heart leaf you found, too. Who cares about the berry stained fingers? Mine look like that frequently - and so does my tongue when i come back from a berry picking adventure! :=}

    Most of all, though, I love the HEART of your wonderful little boy, who has grasped the intent of Random Hearts so perfectly. Yes. Clifford is PERFECT for Guest Heart Thursday - the perfect COLOR, the perfect personality, the perfect HEART.

    Thank you so much for sharing your hearts on Guest Heart Thursday. I love seeing the lessons you teach = what a joy you are!

  2. what a lovely stain indded... So fruty, yummy...

  3. Wow great shots!! I love blackberries and can't wait to picked them this coming week. Happy weekend!
    Weekend Reflection

  4. Thank you each for your comments!

    Clytie - I like your story about seeing an inch worm! :-) That's so interesting that it stayed straight out like that for so long! :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. ♥

    Manang Kim - Thank you! Have fun picking blackberries! :-)

  5. Great post. A marvelous heart!

    Thank you so much.

    Hugs, Dani.


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