Kitchen Window Reflections

I was surprised last week when I looked up (probably while doing dishes!) and noticed this spider in his beautiful web outside the kitchen window above our sink. I'm not sure what type of spider it is, but we've been seeing a lot of them this past week. There was one who had a huge web on the front of our porch, and of course we've seen many while picking blackberries. We think their orb webs are amazing!

You can see my hand and my cute pink camera reflected in the window. ;)  So this picture is for Weekend Reflections.

Another reflection captured in the kitchen window is of these pretty naturtiums picked from a plant growing in a flower pot on our porch. My mother-in-law introduced me to nasturtiums when my older children were little ones probably about ten years ago. She gave me some seeds for a planter I had on my front porch at the time, and she thoughtfully chose that type of flower because it's non-toxic and even edible! I enjoy how bright and cheerful they are.

My older daughter pointed out the cool shadow they were casting on the window sill (thank you!! ♥), and I just had to get some pictures. I noticed that there was a reflection, too, so these pictures are both for Shadow Shot Sunday and for Weekend Reflections.


  1. Oh wow that's a very nice looking reflection there. Great shot!
    Weekend Reflection

  2. That spider photo is lovely. You did a great job of using the camera as a compositional element.

  3. The spider shot is terrific and I love the colorful flowers and their shadows as well! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  4. JayLeigh those are wonderful pictures !
    I have that same spider (many of them) in the garden and I also have a picture of it with the web.. they keep the bugs down for me with my plant babies : )
    I love that nasturtium picture ! How gorgeous can it get and that was great your daughter caught the reflection part of it ! What pretty colours they are too !
    Joy : )

  5. Hehehe! Wonderful reflection! I LOVE it! :)


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