Unusual Sky and a Visit to Saltar's Point Beach

The sun looked really unusual on Sunday. The sky was bright and hazy, and the sun was a different color than usual.  Everything that the sun touched had an amazing, warm glow to it.

After doing some shopping we stopped by Saltar's Point Beach in Steilacoom, WA.  It's lovely and peaceful there, and the sun shining on the water was gorgeous.  As the sun got lower in the sky, it became even more beautiful.

UPDATE: According to a weather blog on komonews.com, the cause of the unusual sky color was that a "plume of smoke from wildfires burning in inland British Columbia got caught up on the northerly flow and was pushed over Western Washington." Here's a link to the article which also includes satellite imagery: What's with the weird sky color Sunday?.

Here's a short video at Saltar's Point Beach that I took in which you can see the unusual, warm glow outside. . .

And here are some pictures we took at Saltar's Point Beach (the pictures with a "w" in the copyright notice were taken by my older daughter; the others were taken by me). . .

View facing towards Ketron Island:

View facing towards the city of Steilacoom:
The train is going by! Also, the ferry is in the background.

My younger son especially loves the train. ♥

Pretty fireweed!

The kids enjoying walking in the water (and my husband standing on shore in the first picture!):

The next two pictures are of the sea glass my girls 
found on the beach!

Cute crab found underneath a rock :-)

Picture taken shortly before we left the park:

My older son and my husband took these
pictures of the sun after we got home:


  1. Beautiful pictures. That crab actually looks like it is smiling lol.

  2. Thank you both! Janice, I thought that, too, about the crab! :D


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