The Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Last night our family went on a really nice walk over the Narrows Bridge in Tacoma.  The bridge is amazing, and the view is spectacular. Wikpedia describes says the Tacoma Narrows Bridge "is a pair of twin suspension bridges in the U.S. state of Washington, which carry State Route 16 (known as Primary State Highway 14 until 1964) across the Tacoma Narrows strait of Puget Sound between Tacoma and the Kitsap Peninsula."

Here are some pictures my daughter and I took on the walk.  It was so fun to take pictures that we have a  bunch more, so I'll be posting pictures of the bridge later this week, too.  I took the first and the last pictures, and the awesome angle shot pictures were taken by my older daughter.

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  1. Oooh great! Reminds me of driving to Gig Harbor 2 years ago, except that my photos are horrible! ;-) Have a great Sunday!

  2. PNWN, I grew up in Gig Harbor on the west end of the bridge. I was born after the first bridge collapsed, but remember the ferry rides between Pt. Fosdick and Tacoma before the new span opened. I remember "The Span" drive-in and the two-lane highway to Gig Harbor, Purdy and Bremerton. I was in high school (Peninsula) when the tolls were removed. That bridge is a part of me. Now I have a bridge that crosses Deception Pass. It's not as big, but just as beautiful. I have photos of both on my living room wall. Thanks for the post and the memories.

  3. very interesting shots--some made me a bit dizzy though.:p

  4. Fantastic shots! I drove over this bridge last April and really wanted to stop somewhere to take photos. Didn't realize you can walk across it...maybe next time I will.

  5. Thank you all! :D

    Dave, thanks for sharing those things! The bridge has such an interesting history! My mother-in-law was alive when the first one went down. The bridges sure are solidly build now, thank goodness. :-) I've never been to Deception Pass, but just looked it up and saw some pictures. What a neat bridge!

    Linnea, it's so neat how people can walk over it. There is a little park on the Tacoma side that you can park in and then walk over. I'm going to have a blog post about it soon.

  6. I like bridges. I would love to be able to walk across a bridge this big. The view must be spectacular. I don't think anyone can walk across our Ambassador Bridge here.


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