Sumatran Tiger Cubs at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma

Jaya's two sweet cubs, Bima and Mali, born on May 25th, are nine weeks old, and appeared in public for the first time a little over a week ago (on Friday, July 23rd).  Our family went to the zoo this Friday to see them, and they are simply adorable! . . . the type of cute where you can't help but oooo and aahhhhh!!  Today, according to the Point Defiance Zoo and Acquairium's website, they hope to have them out at about 10am and keep them out for the remainder of the day.  If you have the opportunity to visit them today or another day, you are sure to enjoy seeing the little cubs and their mama.  Just a small caution to keep in mind: by the time we left on Friday afternoon, parking was full and someone was waiting for us to leave so they could have our parking spot.

Here are some pictures my 11-year old son took of the mama tiger and her cubs. ♥

~* Jaya nursing her sweet babes *~

~* Jaya cleaning herself and her cubs *~

Jaya is so beautiful!

~* Jaya snoozing with her cubs *~
I'm not sure which cub is seen in the next three pictures.

In case you were wondering where the other cub 
went, here is a picture I took that shows it's hiding 
spot.  They are so cute all snuggled together.


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