A Nature Walk with Snow White

While looking at old photos from last year, a picture of my younger daughter (age 8 at the time) dressed in her Snow White dress caught my eye.  It was late June, and we were on an evening nature walk during the time of day when the sun is golden, and the sun's long, warm rays cast a beautiful glow on everything it touched.  We had such a lovely walk, my sweet Snow White and I.  Here are some pictures from our walk.

Black Locust Tree
Vetch (Woolly Vetch Perhaps?)
Ocean Spray
St. John's Wort

Common Yarrow

Common Snowberry


  1. Lovely photos. My favorite is the first one. Loved her golden hair.

    Thank you for stopping by my garden.

  2. Sweet little Snow White. I love meeting like minded mamas. Adding you to the outdorr link list. Thanks for joining.


  3. The Gardener - Thank you! And I'll be sure to stop by again. You have such pretty photos on your blog!

    Lisa - Thank you for adding me! I agree... it's so nice to meet like minded mamas! ♥

    Ash -- Thank you *hugs* :)


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