A Moth my Son Found

When my older son took his bicycle out of the garage he found a moth resting on one of the bike's pedals.  It looked very content (not that I really know what a content moth looks like, but the moth didn't fly away, so I assumed that it was happy where it was), and I was able to take some pictures of it.

Here is a close-up of the above picture.  
You gotta love that face!

After I finished taking pictures, my son gently nudged it to try to get it to fly away. Apparently with reluctance, it flew over to the porch step.  My son pointed out that it had good camouflage.  He thought it looked like a leaf.  Can you find it?

Being afraid we might step on it where it was resting and also fearing it might be too obvious to the bats we have around here (they like to eat moths), my son again encouraged the moth to move, and it traveled over a short way until it rested under some plants off to the side of the stairs. 


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