Do you like butter (according to the buttercup)?

There is a fun and simple folk tradition I like to do with my kiddos using a buttercup blossom. The tradition says that if you hold a buttercup close to your chin and yellow from the buttercup reflects on your skin and casts a yellow glow on your chin, it shows that you like butter. Never mind that, judging by the yellow reflection cast by the buttercup, it seems that just about everyone likes butter! ;) It's still a happy springtime tradition.

We tried it out once again this afternoon. Let's see if my little boy likes butter. . .

Yes! (or actually in his case it's a buttery spread called Earth Balance) :)


  1. Ha! Thanks for posting. I just googled to see if I could find an original reference for this.
    My parents were from Ireland, and my mom used to love playing this with us.


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