A Fast Slug

We usually see slugs just kicking back and relaxing (in slug-fashion ;)), but the other day we saw a slug that went pretty fast. A couple of my children held him for a short while and then set him down. After safely being set on the ground, he slid away and hid in the grass in about a minute and a half! I'm afraid we must have scared the poor little guy.

On my daughter's hand:

He's starting to poke his antennas out:

He poked them out more:

Picture of underside of slug:

My son wanted to hold the slug, too:

I figured it might be scared and tired of being held, so I had him set it down. It quickly put it's antennas out. Picture taken at 5:54:58 pm:

And it started crawling away to hide in the grass. Picture taken at 5:55:12 pm:

Picture taken at 5:55:59 pm:

Picture taken at 5:56:17 pm:

Picture taken at 5:56:30 pm:


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