Stinky Bob - Geranium robertianum

Also known as Herb Robert and Robert Geranium, in Washington state these plants are sometimes called Stinky Bob. We think that name is really funny. It does have a distinct odor, though, that some might consider to be stinky.

Wikipedia's entry for Geranium robertianum describes the scent of it's freshly-picked, crushed leaves as "an odour resembling burning tires." We had never thought of it that way before, so we went out and picked some leaves to experiment. Low and behold we found that description to be pretty accurate.

And not-very-surprisingly, rubbing the freshly-picked, crushed stinky bob leaves on yourself is supposed to repel mosquitoes. So grab some stinky bob next time you want to avoid getting bug bites. . . and people. ;)

We love stinky bob, though, because it's so pretty we can't help it! Here is a picture so you can see how pretty it is. I'm sorry we don't have scratch and sniff available, though, so you can smell it, too. :D


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