Kobayashi Park in University Place, WA

Our family recently, where least expecting it (at the end of a quiet, dead-end residential road), came upon a sign that said "Kobayashi Park." Unable to take the time to visit then, we determined to return another day. Our family was able to visit last Saturday.

I haven't been very successful finding information about Kobayashi Park on the internet, but as far as I can tell, the approximate address is 6403 Chambers Creek Rd W, University Place, WA. Apparently, in the past a family owned it, but the land is now owned by University Place. And sometimes it is called Kobayashi Preserve.

The park is where Leach Creek and Chambers Creek meet, and it provides a beautiful and peaceful place for a leisurely stroll and the opportunity to enjoy a lovely slice of nature down by the rivers. You have to drive down a one lane driveway if you want to park down in the park, and there isn't very much parking space down there, but the day we went the weather was beautifully warm and sunny, and not many people were there. The sound of the river is musical and refreshing. We enjoyed our visit very much.

Here are some pictures. . .

Here is a video where you can hear the sound of the river (and a couple of my children and me -- oops!):


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