It's a Rainy Day!

A close-up of some rocks in our very wet driveway:

Rain, rain, rain!! Most of my kids are outside playing right now. I'm so happy they enjoy being outside even in the rain.

My older son is excited when it rains because then he can test out the streams and ponds that he made in our yard. Here is a picture of him working on them in the rain:

The slugs sure love days like this! Here are a few pictures of slugs for you to enjoy. . .

A slug crawling onto our porch:

A slug climbing up over the top step of our porch:

My older son is holding this baby slug -- isn't it cute?

Here is a short video where you can listen to the sound of rain in our yard. :)


  1. I love the rain! Good thing I live on the West Coast... I also sleep best in a huge rainstorm. :)

  2. I know what you mean. *nodding my head* The sound of rain can be so soothing! <3

  3. There's so much to learn about nature when it rains! So great your kids can enjoy it! Neat rock picture!

  4. That's so true that there is a lot to learn about nature when it rains. <3 Thank you for your comments. :)


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