Tree Faces

After reading this sweet post at The Magic Onions about tree faces, I was inspired to share the idea with my kiddos to see if they would like to look for tree faces. They were interested, and we looked for faces on our walks this past weekend. Doing this helped to nurture creativity and to encourage us to look at the trees more closely and even, in a sense, to get to know them better and also to appreciate their differences and each tree's uniqueness more. We had fun, and my husband even saw one.

Here are a few pictures:

This sweet guy with a ferny-top of hair wanted to sing us a song (picture taken 5-25-09 at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge):

Here is a pleasant, agreeable one-eyed fellow. You can even see his two top front teeth as he smiles! (picture taken 5-25-09 at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge)

We are calling this the cyclops tree (this is the one my husband spotted!) Doesn't he really look like his eye is watching you? Pretty freaky, eh? No, really, I think he looks nice, but like he is a serious kind of tree (picture taken 5-23-09 at Kobayashi Park).

This old lady was yelling to get our attention (picture taken 5-23-09 at Kobayashi Park):

Meet Mr. Bear (well, he looks like some type of animal, but we aren't all agreed on which one) (picture taken 5-25-09 at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge):

We sometimes saw different faces in the trees. Here is one of my children pointing and explaining what face he saw. He explained that this tree has a beard (picture taken 5-25-09 at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge):

This tree has a very big mouth, but she is very kind! :) (picture taken 5-25-09 at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge)


  1. Wonderful stories... I think my favourite is the guy with the two front teeth... he's so cute! But I also really like cyclops - he REALLY is watching us! Isn't it a fun activity... as you say, it really gets the kids focusing in on nature and noticing so much around them. Glad you guys had fun ;-)
    Blessings and Magic...

  2. these are so cute! what a great thing to do with both adults & kids.


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