Garden Update - Planted

On Thursday I worked hard to finish digging up the ground of the garden. It was really good exercise! Here is a picture of it with most of the ground dug up:

The three younger kids and I planted it. Here is the first plant that was put in the garden -- a cucumber plant:

We got most of it planted, but we plan to add more to it. If everything grows, it will be really crowded in the garden. We've never been successful at growing a garden, so I can't help but feel skeptical that it will actually work. We've never worked so hard, though, before, on a garden. It's great to work together on it. Surely it will grow this time (please, God, we humbly pray!). :)

Here are a couple pictures of it with most things planted (please don't laugh. . . I'm afraid we might be doing it all wrong, but I sure hope we are doing enough things right!):

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  1. i hope it grows well for you; at least yours is in the ground! we had our ground prepared and went camping; my husband planned to plant when we got back; since then the area he picked has been too wet to plant; i think he's decided he's going to have to pick another spot entirely!

  2. It looks great Jeri! Nice fencing around it too. That's the only thing we don't have!

  3. Oh, no, Raysgirl62! That would be discouraging to have prepared the ground and then to find out that spot won't work. I hope you are able to get yours in the ground soon! Thank you for hoping ours grows well. :)

    Thank you, Three Peas In A Pod! I thought we'd better have fencing (my dh put it up for me, yayh!) because we have deer, raccoons, and cats around here. I don't know if it'll keep the raccoons out, but I sure hope so. Now to keep out the birds and the slugs and all the other animals! Yikes! If it does grow, I'll be surprised if the animals don't eat it. Gulp. . . sorry for the gloom. . . I struggle with being too pessimistic. lol

    To both of you -- I hope your gardens grow well! :)

  4. It looks great! The cucumbers and sugarsnap peas can climb the fence. What are you planning for the peas to climb? This is going to be so fun! It's really not hard. If you have any questions, I know a great gardening forum where you can ask. ;-)

  5. Thanks, Linda! I'm not sure about what the peas can climb. I guess I'd better look into that. lol Thank you for your encouragement. And I'll try and check out that gardening forum. *grin*


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